OddBit is the both a companion blog for my personal projects oddbit and ZipReport and a repository of hopefully relevant content related to programming and technology in general.

oddbit library ecosystem

Rickdb is a simple but opinionated SQL database layer for Python3+, focused on PostgreSQL. It features high level connectors for both PostgreSQL and Sqlite, a fluent SQL query builder with schema support, and an object mapper. No ORM magic, data objects carry no database-specific logic (such as connections).

Rick is a set of base libraries for object-oriented application development. Currently, features implementation of Registry patterns, Dependency Injection, Cache, as well as a high-level Redis client. It is currently under development, should not be used in production!

ZipReport library ecosystem

ZipReport is a Jinja2-based Python library focused on PDF and MIME generation. It features both server-side and client-side JavaScript support (using an appropriate backend), dynamic image generation, a packaging format to bundle templates and dependencies and a development webserver. Check both the repository and the documentation for more information.

ZipReport-cli is a chromium-based standalone application (in electron) that converts HTML pages to PDF or PNG. It is the rendering component used by ZipReport.

ZipReport-server is daemon written in Go that exposes the ZipReport-cli functionality via API.